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              2. Changzhou YuanJun Machinery Co.,Ltd.


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                About us

                The founder Mr.Fang bin of Changzhou YuanJun Machinery Co., Ltd have 16 years of professional experience in this field from 1998 to 2013. With Industry-leading technological development ,excellent engineers , also rich management experience for production-manufacturing , we create a outstanding group in monofilament machinery field.
                We develop ,design and produce machinery and equipment for high qualified monofilament . As a professional supplier of monofilament production equipment , we could both supply equipment , full set of engineering design and wide range of processing of proprietary technology.With this full range service , we YuanJun company will be the leader of monofilament machinery equipment field.
                "Faithful, Studying , innovative, Steady” is the basic principles of each YuanJun staff;

                "Create the max. values for clients”
                is the ultimate aim of each YuanJun staff !